Sunday, July 27, 2008

Big Smiles, Family, New Beginnings and Old Friends

Well since the last posting our little bundle of joy continues to do very well. Everyone in every nursery says she's fiesty but hey like they said that's a good thing. That means she has fight in her otherwise known as God! She is now eating 26, yeah 26 cc's lol GO AMAYA' GO LOL and as of last night she is weighing 2 pounds 11.4 ounces and is maintaining her temp well. They are just waiting for her to get a little bigger before they move her to a crib. I pray that God will send her home healthy as can be real soon!! I can't believe she is now 3 weeks old, wow time really does fly fast! I can't wait for her to come home, i think it's going to be sooner than anyone thinks! This week I got to see her everyday from Wednesday-Sunday so I am very thankful to God for those opportunities. I love spending time with her. She is turning into quite the little ham and developing a personality. Smiling big for her grandparents, observing her surroundings, hiding from the camera and looking around for her daddy while she's eating. Speaking of eating i'm on my weight loss journey but this time it's different, i can feel it!! I'm not dieting nor starving myself but i'm making a lifestyle change. I started one day this week (can't remember if it was Thursday or Friday) but right now i'm not eating pork or beef which is fine i can do without that for a while! Plus I love fish and chicken. I'm also trying to incorporate more water and most importantly praying and asking God to take this journey with me and giving me with will to succeed!! Well this friday will be August 1st. My brother's birthdays are coming up. I can't believe they will be 20 and 21. I have really enjoyed having them home this summer. I got to spend time with each of them alone before they got jobs but even with jobs we still spend time together talking and of course laughing. I was thinking last night that i'll be sad when they go back to school but i'm proud of them and know i'll see them during the semester. Speaking of school i'm so proud of my husband, he's going to start school this semester for Nursing. He's very motivated and i know he will do great! Everyone may not finish school the first time they start but when it's your time to go you will definately know and have so much motivation such as blah jobs that pay blah lol. This saturday while in Birmingham my 2 bestest friends from college came to visit Amaya and spend time with Rudy and I. We had so much fun and my girl Kim looked like a natural holding Amaya'. Amaya' loves having visitors and couldn't eat for being nosey (like her momma lol) I also met me a new 1/2 friend- Lil Ms. Kai she is so pretty and so funny! Rudolph and I both had a blast. Photos coming soon of course. There's nothing in this world like big smiles from your child God blessed you with, making positive changes in your life, family you love being around and old friends that are truly that....true friends.

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