Monday, July 14, 2008

Safe in mommies arms! I miss my pretty girl!

I'm so proud of my little girl! She is now weighing 2lbs 6.6ounces and is eating 20cc's every 3 hours!

Well since i've come home from the hospital i've been doing pretty well emotionally. Well this afternoon i cried. I cried b/c although i know i am blessed beyond my wildest dreams I miss my baby girl. I don't know what made me so sad; i think it is a combination of putting some of the items i received at my shower this past weekend mixed with the nurse practiciner wanting us to come to the CCN discharge class this week [which doesn't neccessarily mean she's coming home soon- which is the part that made me sad b/c i let myself get my hopes up] I don't want God or anyone else to think for a minute that i'm not grateful for what He has been doing for us and the progress my pretty girl has been making. I'm just anxious for the day I can hold her daily as much as I want and dress her up in all of her clothes. I'm ready to be a full time mommy. Lord please be with me and give me patience not to rush her growth/development. I know she will come home in your time!

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CHill said...

Hey Family!
I am sooo glad to hear that Amaya is doing well, and you guys are doing good also. Be encouraged because she will be fine if she is anything like her mommie;)I will be glad when I can meet the Princess and your King Katesha. What is your address? I have somethings I would like to send Amaya. xoxoxo
With lots of love,
Christina H.