Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend Update

This is the first time she smiled at Rudy and I

Well i haven't updated in a while and i have some good updates! We stayed with the inlaws this weekend so that we would be closer to the hospital b/c we all know gas is high. Well friday we got there and got to hold her and love on her, she is so adorable and so alert always looking at us with the big brown eyes. Her weight was up to 2 pounds 6.4ounces. Saturday we stayed there for 4 1/2 hours which means since she eats every 3 hours we got to feed her twice!! In the morning when i fed her she was getting 8 cc's in her bottle and then we daddy fed her she had been moved up to 12cc's!! And little Amaya' doesn't play about her food lol we tried to take the bottle out of her mouth to check how much was left but she locked her jaws and wasn't having that. We got to talk to her nurse Michelle so we could know her better and she is so sweet and caring as well as creative. She made the cutest sign for Amaya's isolette. It has her footprints, handprints, birthweight and length as well as current weight and length. I was so appreciative especially i didn't get a footprint at birth. A lot of preemies are born without lines on their feet. Saturday night her weight was up to 2 pounds 8 ounces! She had a couple of heartrate drops when she ate but the nurses assured me that is normal b/c she is so little and has to manage sucking, breathing and swallowing at the same time. The good things is she brought it back up on her own. We love her so much and are so very proud of her, we tell her this and hope she grows up to feel it. Sunday morning I rested b/c i didn't sleep well Friday night but I went to visit her with my parents, brothers and Rev. Turner (who is like my grandfather) after a church program we went to at my uncle Chris' church. (it was a great spirit filled program! It was their annual choir day and they asked my dad preach. It was a great sermon about what a wonderful God we serve and how we should make a joyful noise unto him!! He told the story of Amaya's birth and i could do nothing but smile b/c God is sooooo good to us! Thank you Lord for everything!)I love seeing other family members with Amaya' she is so alert and responsive. When anyone picks her up she immediately opens her mouth lol I told yall she was greedy. I love the way she looks just like Rudolph but seems to have a little independent personality like me lol. Is that good or bad? Let's just say we'll pray about it lol. Well when i called Sunday evening she was up to 2 pounds 9ounces, and when we were there we were informed that she was up to 14cc's. I am so thankful to how far God has truly brought her and that is with my family daily. I give Him all the glory and praise for he is truly worthy!!

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