Thursday, August 7, 2008

Crib, Scrapbook, Prayers for a friend

I can't keep waiting this long to update lol b/c i'm afraid i might miss something.

Well as of Wednesday Amaya' was 3 lbs 8.9oz (1610grams) this means that within the next two days my angel is scheduled to be in a big girl crib where she can get some fresh air. I am praying and asking all to pray that she will be able to keep her temp up as well as her heartrate and breathing so that she can come home! I am growing more in love with her daily and can't wait for her to come home. Her smiles, her small cries, her fiesty attitude and her big beaty eyes. Thursday I spent time with her alone at the hospital. It was the first time we were alone since i left the hospital. It was the best 4 hours of my week.

UPDATE: As of Friday night Amaya is weighing in at 3lbs 11.6oz!! I cant express how proud I am of her and how grateful I am to God b/c i know it's only through him these blessings flow! ALL praises to HIM! When i called to check on her they also informed me that her isolette had broken and was overheating her so they moved her to an open crib Friday morning at 6am. I know that was a work of God (or Maybe Amaya' lol she is my child) when He is ready, it will be done! so far so good she has been keeping her temp up. So please keep her in your prayers as always!

This past Tuesday I decided since Amaya is stable and leaving soon (prayerfully!!) i could focus on some mommy activities that the March of Dimes puts on at the hospital, so i went to scrapbooking!! I had a BLAST, seeing all of the stuff they provide (including the book) I almost lost my mind. Those of you who know me know i love to craft in every form and fashion. I also really enjoyed talking to the moms who were anxious to meet their little ones but still needing to bake them a while longer. Some already had angels and it was nice to discuss life in the NICU/CCN. Hearing some of their stories and seeing their positive outlook it was just another manifestation of God's works and what He is still able to do!

I am on a message board of mothers in Memphis. I love this group which is why i have moved away but not left the group. One of the children on their has recentlly been diagnosed at the age of 3. They are giving her a positive outlook but this must be hard on any family. If you don't mind please keep her (Emma) in your prayers as well as her family. May God bless them with a full recovery and give them peace and comfort. I know that He is able and I am a believer in prayer and servant of The Master.

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